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Why Should I Install a Burglar Alarm System at Home?

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Burglary rates are generally decreasing over time, so why should you invest time and effort in installing an Intruder Alarm System at home? Is it not just another time-consuming hassle you could do without? If burglary rates are dropping, why should you bother?

Don’t let statistics fool you! Yes rates are dropping, but this isn’t due to the thieves packing up their loot bags and scurrying away in to the night never to be seen again. It is thought that one of the main reasons for the reduction in burglaries over the last twenty years is precisely because of the improved effectiveness of alarm systems, and the fact that often Insurance Companies insist on a system being fitted in order to provide a certain level of cover. Most notably in the last 5-10 years we’ve witnessed a huge change in the nature and functionality of Alarm Systems to include systems such as Monitored Alarms and the RedCARE Alarm system. No longer are Burglar Alarms the preserve of the rich, or simply an annoying noise that seems to be triggered at random.

The Police maintain that the single best deterrent to a would-be Burglar is a well-fitted, well-maintained Alarm like those provided by Nova Security Systems. Without one you are three times more likely to be burgled. The visible nature of an alarm makes an opportunistic intruder think twice. But beyond this, you can relax knowing that even if a break-in is attempted, they would likely scarper at the first sound of the alarm, meaning you don’t suffer from a distressing invasion of your privacy. Beyond the financial and sentimental losses sustained following a successful burglary, victims of house burglaries are often left with a lingering sense that their privacy has been invaded. Unfortunately, no amount of insurance pay-out will restore that for you, so it is paramount to prevent a successful robbery in the first place.

As modern life develops, the pace of people’s every day movements increases even further, communities are becoming less cohesive, and more people are working than ever before. Therefore, it is no longer possible to rely on neighbours to alert you to suspicious behaviour near your property, or even if your alarm has been activated. Previous generations of ‘false alarms’ mean people are more likely to turn a blind eye to what they view as an annoyance, rather than proactively respond. Fortunately, the Intruder Alarm market has risen to the challenge of this change, and with ever evolving technology, the role a watchful neighbour once would have played, is now possible to achieve through a Monitored Alarm system.

Beyond this, many are unaware the Alarm Systems can now do so much more than simply sound the sirens when a break-in happens. It is now possible to have linked alarms to protect your home in the event of fire; to control your heating and lights; even to know your teens have shut the front door ready to make the school bus on time. It is now possible to have fully monitored alarm systems, like those offered by Nova Security Systems, offering you reassurance over the safety of your home 24/7. Bespoke systems are possible for every home, large or small, and can be entirely tailored to your needs.

Installing an Alarm System, especially a Monitored Alarm System, provides the very best peace of mind that your home, family and assets are protected. Modern Alarm systems, such as the BT Redcare system, allow everyone an affordable bespoke alarm system which will prove itself to be an invaluable investment in the protection of your home and family going in to the future. Thieves are getting more savvy, make sure you get ahead of the game for your own peace of mind.

Things to Check Before Going on Holiday

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Chances are you’ve got a huge pre-holiday checklist going including items such as ‘Don’t Forget the Passports’, ‘Online Check In for Flights’. Additionally, hopefully you’re not planning on a repeat of Home Alone and likely to forget the kids (no matter how much it’d be more relaxing without them). But have you considered your Pre-Holiday Home Checks?

Nothing will snap you out of your post-holiday bliss like coming home to discover you’ve been burgled; or that maggots have not only taken up residence in your bin but are planning a Costa del Sol type expansion; or that your milk supply is planning on entering you in to the Local Cheese-making competition (with accompanying smell); and oops, looks like another house plant bites the dust.

Become friends with your list-making abilities, and write another list of quick checks to do before you leave the house to ensure that when you return, stepping over the threshold will bring no surprises just a happy sense of contentment of being back on your own turf.

Most importantly, and yes we are a Security Systems Company so we would say this, but do everything you can to prevent a burglary. Intruders like unattended properties. They scout areas to watch for signs of absences and holidays and a vast number of break-ins are opportunistic. Don’t make your home an easy target. Double- and triple-check each door and window in your home. Use switch-timers to have lights and the radio coming on at certain times. If you’re going to be away for a while ask someone to mow your lawn and remove your post from the door mat. Houses that look empty and neglected are prime targets. Cancel all milk, grocery and paper deliveries. They are simply an advert saying “we’re not home”. If you have windows where people can see in, close the curtains.

Furthermore, if you have a spare key hidden in the garden, now would be the ideal time to remove it and instead ask a trusted neighbour to hold on to it for you. We all hate being locked out, and we’re all capable of doing it at one point or another, so thieves know this. Safeguard your home by leaving the key with an actual real life person instead of your garden gnome.

Most modern homes have become a haven to technology and electronics. As well as paying unnecessary amounts on electricity for items left on stand-by, there is also a small fire risk of leaving items switched on. Go around the house switching off all electronic items such as microwaves, toasters and computers that don’t need to stay on (and be amazed at just how many you have). Similarly reduce the time your central heating will be on, but not so much you are at risk of frozen pipes. Check all taps and that they are fully switched off and that all toilets are flushed if you don’t want to return to an unpleasant stench.

Vitally, inform your Alarm Company. And if you don’t have an alarm, ask yourself why. The single biggest deterrent for intruders is an Alarm System, especially a Monitored System like BT Redcare, installed by experts like Nova Security Systems. The single easiest way to ensure peace of mind for you whilst you are away on holiday is knowing that your home is being protected 24/7 by a team of dedicated specialists. Not all alarm systems are created equal either, and knowing that you have a reliable professionally installed Intruder Alarm system will take the fear away that you might return home to the worst surprise of all: a break-in.

Why Do We Offer Maintenance Contracts?

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So you’ve taken the plunge and had a new Intruder and/or Fire System Installed. Is that not enough? Do you really need to go to the additional ongoing expense of a Maintenance Contract?

At Nova Security Systems we pride ourselves on implementing top of the range security systems whatever your need: domestic or business, security or fire. Our reputation matters to us, and this relies on our integrity. Therefore you can be sure that by installing your Security System through Nova Security, you are receiving the best of the best in terms of a reliable highly-functional system.

We are all counting the pennies and as such you may find yourself questioning whether a Maintenance Contract is worth it? We believe that Maintenance Contracts are not only advisable but invaluable in order to ensure the stability, reliability and durability of your system for years to come. Thereby prolonging the life of your system and reducing costs in the longer term. These systems are electronic, functioning 24/7, and as such just as much prone to wear and tear as any other gadget or appliance.

Maintenance of systems involves a thorough checking involving many elements. All maintenance is carried out with you and your needs in mind, and the bespoke nature of your system. We include such things as: checking the history and activation of the system since our last check; visual inspection of components, cabling and connections for signs of deterioration and damage; checking of the mains power and battery supplies; checking of all detectors; checks of all manually operated devices e.g. panic buttons; checks of remote signalling equipment; and making adjustments, minor repairs and retraining of users where necessary.

It is vital that you have an ongoing long term relationship with the company providing your alarm system and maintenance. You want your Maintenance Contractors to have a vested interest in the long term viability and working of your system. You want to be able to build up a trusting long lasting relationship where you are certain your Security System requirements are being met. This is why it is important to have a maintenance contract with a local firm like Nova Security Systems, who cover the region of Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire, ensuring a high quality service is provided to all customers, knowing our reputation depends on our reliability and level of service to you.

Ultimately, you need peace of mind that your Security Systems will provide ongoing protection for your home or business, that your insurance won’t be invalidated, and that your system is complying with current legislation. Hence it is important to choose a firm that has accreditations and vast experience but is also dynamic, flexible and able to keep abreast of all the technological advancements of Security Systems, such as BT Redcare. You need to choose installers that are not only prepared to carry out the installation, but are dedicated to the aftercare service you receive in order to protect and prolong the life of your system.

It costs less in the long run to have regular system servicing, rather than reactive breakdown repairs. The cost is of course a huge factor, but there is also the continuity of protection offered by preventing breakdowns or minor faults. We at Nova Security Systems are dedicated to serving our customers from installation onwards. We want all of our customers, whichever Intruder or Fire System they have installed, to know that we are committed to the long term cost effectiveness of their system and offer a reassurance that they’ve put their faith in a reliable, friendly, cost-effective system for maintenance.

Why Do Nova Security use BT Redcare?

25th June 2015 Comments Off on Why Do Nova Security use BT Redcare? By 

As a customer, you simply need to be certain that whatever your chosen Intruder or Fire Alarm System, is the best it can be given current technological capabilities. Importantly, your insurers are likely to not only prefer, but insist, on a Monitored Alarm System where your system is not stand alone but enables action to be taken in the event of activation. However, the monitoring capabilities of security systems are not always reliable and depend largely on the system of data transfer they rely upon. This means they depend on the means in which the messages are relayed to whoever is undertaking your monitoring, for example Nova Security. You may have a top of the range security system but if its monitoring capabilities are not consistently proven then your system could let you down and fail to protect your home or business.

This is why BT Redcare is by far the favoured system amongst Security System Installers, and indeed why it is the system Nova Security Systems have chosen to implement across all our Monitored Systems whether you are in Manchester, Cheshire or Lancashire. We believe the Redcare functionality enables our security systems, including CCTV monitoring, Intruder Alarms, and Fire Alarms to work to their full capability offering a consistent monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Redcare have over 25 years of experience securing hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. They are far and away the nation’s favourite. They are used from domestic premises, to Parish Councils, to Police Forces. Redcare are present in 80% of the UK’s Public Authority Control Rooms. Nova Security believe the popularity of Redcare is testament to it being the unrivalled and most secure form of alarm monitoring available. Redcare is deemed so reliable that it has gained the Police Preferred Specification Status.

Redcare works by transmitting a continuous signal on a standard phone line. The phone line can continue to be used for normal voice and broadband services as it works below the voice frequency spectrum. Additionally, in the event of a line cut, Redcare enables the alarm system to be monitored by radio path. This makes for a highly continuous and reliable service that is unrivalled in its field

So why is Redcare best for your domestic or commercial security systems, whether they be burglar or fire alarms?

  • By using Redcare, you remove the need for an additional phone line when installing a monitored alarm system
  • With Redcare your Monitored Alarm System has active, continuous two way monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Your Alarm System can transmit messages even when the phone is in use
  • Encrypted signals cannot be replicated making for an ultra-secure system
  • With Redcare there is instant detection if your telephone line is cut allowing for a rapid response whatever the situation
  • Redcare’s versatility means it can be used for Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Fire Alarms.

We are proud of our reputation for installing and maintaining Monitored Alarm Systems throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. We are a local firm relying on word of mouth and our customers’ satisfaction. Redcare enables us to offer the best service. Through Redcare, we know when your system has been activated and can call you, your key holders, or summon the Police or Fire Brigade when required. In short, due to Redcare we can provide fast reliable response times ensuring your property and assets are protected around the clock. Nova only work with the best of the best, and Redcare fits this bill.

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