Why Should I Install a Burglar Alarm System at Home?

Why Should I Install a Burglar Alarm System at Home?

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Burglary rates are generally decreasing over time, so why should you invest time and effort in installing an Intruder Alarm System at home? Is it not just another time-consuming hassle you could do without? If burglary rates are dropping, why should you bother?

Don’t let statistics fool you! Yes rates are dropping, but this isn’t due to the thieves packing up their loot bags and scurrying away in to the night never to be seen again. It is thought that one of the main reasons for the reduction in burglaries over the last twenty years is precisely because of the improved effectiveness of alarm systems, and the fact that often Insurance Companies insist on a system being fitted in order to provide a certain level of cover. Most notably in the last 5-10 years we’ve witnessed a huge change in the nature and functionality of Alarm Systems to include systems such as Monitored Alarms and the RedCARE Alarm system. No longer are Burglar Alarms the preserve of the rich, or simply an annoying noise that seems to be triggered at random.

The Police maintain that the single best deterrent to a would-be Burglar is a well-fitted, well-maintained Alarm like those provided by Nova Security Systems. Without one you are three times more likely to be burgled. The visible nature of an alarm makes an opportunistic intruder think twice. But beyond this, you can relax knowing that even if a break-in is attempted, they would likely scarper at the first sound of the alarm, meaning you don’t suffer from a distressing invasion of your privacy. Beyond the financial and sentimental losses sustained following a successful burglary, victims of house burglaries are often left with a lingering sense that their privacy has been invaded. Unfortunately, no amount of insurance pay-out will restore that for you, so it is paramount to prevent a successful robbery in the first place.

As modern life develops, the pace of people’s every day movements increases even further, communities are becoming less cohesive, and more people are working than ever before. Therefore, it is no longer possible to rely on neighbours to alert you to suspicious behaviour near your property, or even if your alarm has been activated. Previous generations of ‘false alarms’ mean people are more likely to turn a blind eye to what they view as an annoyance, rather than proactively respond. Fortunately, the Intruder Alarm market has risen to the challenge of this change, and with ever evolving technology, the role a watchful neighbour once would have played, is now possible to achieve through a Monitored Alarm system.

Beyond this, many are unaware the Alarm Systems can now do so much more than simply sound the sirens when a break-in happens. It is now possible to have linked alarms to protect your home in the event of fire; to control your heating and lights; even to know your teens have shut the front door ready to make the school bus on time. It is now possible to have fully monitored alarm systems, like those offered by Nova Security Systems, offering you reassurance over the safety of your home 24/7. Bespoke systems are possible for every home, large or small, and can be entirely tailored to your needs.

Installing an Alarm System, especially a Monitored Alarm System, provides the very best peace of mind that your home, family and assets are protected. Modern Alarm systems, such as the BT Redcare system, allow everyone an affordable bespoke alarm system which will prove itself to be an invaluable investment in the protection of your home and family going in to the future. Thieves are getting more savvy, make sure you get ahead of the game for your own peace of mind.

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