Smoke Screen Burglar Deterrent

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Smoke Screen Burglar Deterrant

Will the smoke damage my property?

Nova Security Systems Limited, based in Manchester, install and maintain the Smoke Screen burglar deterrent. If the Smoke Screen is installed and operated to the manufacturers specifications, then there is no possibility of damage or contamination. Smoke Screen burglar deterrent systems have been used to provide protection to a wide variety of sensitive property including high value clothing, consumer electronics and communication equipment.


What about computers?

Smoke Screen burglar deterrent units are used extensively to protect computer equipment. The dry nature of the smoke ensures that no damage occurs to computer equipment. In addition, the liquid itself is non-conductive and non-corrosive. Tests have been conducted by a major international electronics manufacturer, which show that LCD modules and PCBs with surface mounted ICs are unaffected even when the pure smoke fluid is literally poured over them.


What do the insurers say?

Insurers throughout the UK now recommend and specify Smoke Screen. A number are also offering reductions on insurance premiums.


What about the Police and Fire Brigade?

In general, the Police see the use of Smoke Screen as a positive move against intrusive criminals. Many Crime Prevention Officers throughout the country are happy to recommend the system. The new ACPO guidelines make provision for the use of a security smoke generating system. Fire Brigade personnel appreciate the need for such systems and have stated that as long as systems are installed as per the code of practice, then they have no objection.


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