Why Do Nova Security use BT Redcare?

Why Do Nova Security use BT Redcare?

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As a customer, you simply need to be certain that whatever your chosen Intruder or Fire Alarm System, is the best it can be given current technological capabilities. Importantly, your insurers are likely to not only prefer, but insist, on a Monitored Alarm System where your system is not stand alone but enables action to be taken in the event of activation. However, the monitoring capabilities of security systems are not always reliable and depend largely on the system of data transfer they rely upon. This means they depend on the means in which the messages are relayed to whoever is undertaking your monitoring, for example Nova Security. You may have a top of the range security system but if its monitoring capabilities are not consistently proven then your system could let you down and fail to protect your home or business.

This is why BT Redcare is by far the favoured system amongst Security System Installers, and indeed why it is the system Nova Security Systems have chosen to implement across all our Monitored Systems whether you are in Manchester, Cheshire or Lancashire. We believe the Redcare functionality enables our security systems, including CCTV monitoring, Intruder Alarms, and Fire Alarms to work to their full capability offering a consistent monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Redcare have over 25 years of experience securing hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. They are far and away the nation’s favourite. They are used from domestic premises, to Parish Councils, to Police Forces. Redcare are present in 80% of the UK’s Public Authority Control Rooms. Nova Security believe the popularity of Redcare is testament to it being the unrivalled and most secure form of alarm monitoring available. Redcare is deemed so reliable that it has gained the Police Preferred Specification Status.

Redcare works by transmitting a continuous signal on a standard phone line. The phone line can continue to be used for normal voice and broadband services as it works below the voice frequency spectrum. Additionally, in the event of a line cut, Redcare enables the alarm system to be monitored by radio path. This makes for a highly continuous and reliable service that is unrivalled in its field

So why is Redcare best for your domestic or commercial security systems, whether they be burglar or fire alarms?

  • By using Redcare, you remove the need for an additional phone line when installing a monitored alarm system
  • With Redcare your Monitored Alarm System has active, continuous two way monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Your Alarm System can transmit messages even when the phone is in use
  • Encrypted signals cannot be replicated making for an ultra-secure system
  • With Redcare there is instant detection if your telephone line is cut allowing for a rapid response whatever the situation
  • Redcare’s versatility means it can be used for Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Fire Alarms.

We are proud of our reputation for installing and maintaining Monitored Alarm Systems throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. We are a local firm relying on word of mouth and our customers’ satisfaction. Redcare enables us to offer the best service. Through Redcare, we know when your system has been activated and can call you, your key holders, or summon the Police or Fire Brigade when required. In short, due to Redcare we can provide fast reliable response times ensuring your property and assets are protected around the clock. Nova only work with the best of the best, and Redcare fits this bill.

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