Why Do We Offer Maintenance Contracts?

Why Do We Offer Maintenance Contracts?

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So you’ve taken the plunge and had a new Intruder and/or Fire System Installed. Is that not enough? Do you really need to go to the additional ongoing expense of a Maintenance Contract?

At Nova Security Systems we pride ourselves on implementing top of the range security systems whatever your need: domestic or business, security or fire. Our reputation matters to us, and this relies on our integrity. Therefore you can be sure that by installing your Security System through Nova Security, you are receiving the best of the best in terms of a reliable highly-functional system.

We are all counting the pennies and as such you may find yourself questioning whether a Maintenance Contract is worth it? We believe that Maintenance Contracts are not only advisable but invaluable in order to ensure the stability, reliability and durability of your system for years to come. Thereby prolonging the life of your system and reducing costs in the longer term. These systems are electronic, functioning 24/7, and as such just as much prone to wear and tear as any other gadget or appliance.

Maintenance of systems involves a thorough checking involving many elements. All maintenance is carried out with you and your needs in mind, and the bespoke nature of your system. We include such things as: checking the history and activation of the system since our last check; visual inspection of components, cabling and connections for signs of deterioration and damage; checking of the mains power and battery supplies; checking of all detectors; checks of all manually operated devices e.g. panic buttons; checks of remote signalling equipment; and making adjustments, minor repairs and retraining of users where necessary.

It is vital that you have an ongoing long term relationship with the company providing your alarm system and maintenance. You want your Maintenance Contractors to have a vested interest in the long term viability and working of your system. You want to be able to build up a trusting long lasting relationship where you are certain your Security System requirements are being met. This is why it is important to have a maintenance contract with a local firm like Nova Security Systems, who cover the region of Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire, ensuring a high quality service is provided to all customers, knowing our reputation depends on our reliability and level of service to you.

Ultimately, you need peace of mind that your Security Systems will provide ongoing protection for your home or business, that your insurance won’t be invalidated, and that your system is complying with current legislation. Hence it is important to choose a firm that has accreditations and vast experience but is also dynamic, flexible and able to keep abreast of all the technological advancements of Security Systems, such as BT Redcare. You need to choose installers that are not only prepared to carry out the installation, but are dedicated to the aftercare service you receive in order to protect and prolong the life of your system.

It costs less in the long run to have regular system servicing, rather than reactive breakdown repairs. The cost is of course a huge factor, but there is also the continuity of protection offered by preventing breakdowns or minor faults. We at Nova Security Systems are dedicated to serving our customers from installation onwards. We want all of our customers, whichever Intruder or Fire System they have installed, to know that we are committed to the long term cost effectiveness of their system and offer a reassurance that they’ve put their faith in a reliable, friendly, cost-effective system for maintenance.

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