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Security System Leasing

Security System Leasing

When cash flow is tight, security system leasing could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Why Lease?

Security can be given a low priority in business expenditure. It is not stock that will be resold, it is not a service that will be charged for, therefore it all too often becomes a ‘grudge’ spend. The contribution a new system could make is often overlooked – if the purpose is to protect valuable stock or ensure premises are kept secure where services are being offered from, the installation can be valued.


Remove the obstacle of cost with Security System Leasing

By replacing the cash investment of a new system with a much smaller rental, any cost objection can be removed. Even key equipment features avoid being compromised if the ‘ideal’ specification can be leased for just a few pounds a week more than the ‘economy’ version. What’s more, leasing is the most tax efficient tool available to a business attracting full 100% deduction.


What are the benefits?

There is no capital outlay.
This will no-doubt relieve the pressure from your cash flow. The first rental is due when the installation has been fully completed.


The rental is fixed through the term.
Comforting to know that no matter what fluctuations there are to the interest rates, Security System Leasing means that your rental charge is fixed, making budgeting for the future simpler.


Makes the system affordable.
Security System Leasing means that the ideal system can be chosen without compromising on any valuable features because of the cost implications.


The leased system can be upgraded.
The system can grow with the needs of your business. Options include adding equipment to an existing lease or upgrading the system on to a new lease, over a different term if preferred. Security System Leasing means that you have the flexibility to grow as your requirements change.


Rentals are fully tax deductible.
The key reason why Security System Leasing is chosen over outright purchase time and time again; the rental is 100% tax deductible – with the cash sum retained to run or invest elsewhere in your business.


Nova Security Systems Limited are not tied to a leasing company, enabling us to approach different leasing companies for the best deal to pass on to our customers.


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