Professional security systems fully backed by our 24 Hour
Service Team,
Securing you and your property 24-7


There are many times that your offices will not have people present, like weekends, holidays and evenings so you require a security monitoring service to ensure that there are no intruders or fires that will cause damage.

Without the proper security system in place, you risk losing a lot of money, so you need a solution in place. We are Nova Security Systems and we provide CCTV systems and alarms for businesses throughout Salford, Greater Manchester and the North West of England.

So you won’t have to fear losing your office equipment to theft, vandalism or fires. We cover you 24-7 and our monitoring service ensures that in the event of an emergency, police or fire brigade are notified instantly.

Call our team today on 0161 728 4999 for a free
no-obligation assessment of your security needs.
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